Lifoam Industries releases new degradation data on Bioffex™, a 100% bio-based foam technology for cold chain shipping

New information on this material means it has an additional path to disposal

Greer, SC – Lifoam Industries, LLC (Lifoam), a business segment and subsidiary of LifeMade Products LLC (LifeMade), announces new testing results on its Envirocooler™ insulated shippers with compostable Bioffex™ technology. After 14 months of testing in a bioreactive landfill environment, Bioffex™ technology has shown over 90% degradation. This impressive degradation rate was established through third-party testing in compliance with ASTM D5511 standards.

The 100% bio-based Bioffex™ technology was tested per ASTM D6400-19 standards for compostability and biodegrades within 3-4 weeks, much faster than D6400’s maximum passing duration of 12 weeks. In compliance with D6400, composted Bioffex™ also has no negative impact on plant growth and leaves no hazardous residues. Meanwhile, continued testing under ASTM D5511 has provided evidence that communities that do not yet have access to an industrial composting site will still experience much faster degradation in bioreactive (wet) landfills than legacy petroleum-based foam – months compared to centuries or longer.

Bioreactive landfills, as defined by the EPA, are municipal solid waste landfills in which liquids are added to help bacteria break down the waste. This moisture management accelerates the decomposition of waste compared to traditional “dry tomb” landfills. Faster degradation in bioreactive landfill environments allows home consumers easy disposal of products containing Bioffex™ technology in a lower-impact, environmentally responsible way.

In addition to its degradation stories, insulated shippers with Bioffex™ technology deliver thermal and mechanical performance comparable to traditional EPS foam shippers, offering payload protection and reliable temperature control with minimal changes to container dimensions or gel-pack and dry ice loads. Moreover, these shippers also require fewer resources to manufacture. PLA-based Bioffex™ material uses zero petroleum, and insulated shippers made with Bioffex™ technology use up to 80% less water and greenhouse gasses than traditional EPS manufacturing, achieving similar densities of 1.3 to 1.5pcf.

The Envirocooler™ insulated shipper with Bioffex™ technology requires little to no changes in shipping operations, making a switch to this sustainable alternative seamless for most existing cold chain distribution channels.

Stemming from a rich history with foam material research and development, LifeMade and Lifoam of parent company Jadex Inc., remain a market leader by continuously providing customers with the convenience and quality they value and expect for their medical, commercial, and recreational needs.

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