Expect more.

From cold-chain shipping to single-use consumer products, we’re pushing the boundaries of sustainable innovation to benefit our clients and their clients. As market expectations increase, LifeMade delivers.

About Us

Creating products that push our industry forward.

At LifeMade, we’re busy creating and innovating better products—better for our partners and better for the environment at large. From consumer essentials like straws, coolers, and cutlery, to healthcare and commercial needs like temperature-controlled shipping solutions that offer a variety of end-of-life options, we’re creating refrigerants and systems that don’t result in landfill waste. We’re helping advance the entire industry by transforming our own business from within.

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Taking the future into our own hands.

With more than 100 years of experience informing our vision, we fully recognize the unique and exciting opportunities we have today: creating meaningful, sustainable alternatives for our evolving markets and consumers. Who says disposables can't be sustainable? We’ll show them otherwise.

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