About Us

Product innovators and market leaders.

We've always created customized solutions for everyday needs. Now, we're customizing solutions for the needs of the future.

As a thought leader and preferred industry partner, we live and work according to the belief that innovation starts with collaboration and sustainable intentions. It's how our teams create new ways to protect what's important to our clients, while also transitioning single-use, everyday plastics to sustainable, everyday innovations. We know the pressures our clients and retail partners are under to create more sustainable products. This shared commitment to convenient products that are consciously made, without sacrificing performance or creating a negative environmental impact, can and will influence consumers to choose responsibly. We want to lead this change.

Innovation Spotlight

The market’s first home compostable straw!

Think: same strength and durability as traditional plastic straws, entirely different impact on the environment. Our earth-friendly straws reduce waste, never performance.

Our Mission

To push our products, and our entire industry, forward.

We’re bringing disposables into the future by working with the best and smartest people we know—teams of our own passionate innovators, plus partners committed to the same fundamental change. Together, we will drive meaningful change towards sustainability.

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