Lifoam Industries, LLC expands to offer sustainable options with addition of EnviroCooler™ EVG™

Greenville, SC – Lifoam Industries, LLC (Lifoam), a business segment and subsidiary of LifeMade Products LLC (LifeMade), officially announced today the addition of a sustainable technology platform to its popular temperature-controlled EnviroCooler™ packaging line – the EnviroCooler® EVG™. The new product is part of the company’s initiative to proactively and positively impact the reduction of plastic waste, without sacrificing performance or end-user convenience. The new cooler is the first of several sustainable product offerings in 2020.

The new EnviroCooler™ EVG™ is a revolutionary expanded polystyrene (EPS) cooler infused with a bio-based additive, allowing it to break down in a bioreactive landfill in four years. This product is not an oxobiodegradable material, will not leave behind microplastics, has no shelf life concerns, and meets FDA 21 CFR standards for food contact – all with a thermal and material performance equivalent to typical EPS. The material is also Recycle 6, at over 400 commercial recycling facilities and accepted curbside within 95 local municipalities across the United States.

“Our move into sustainable options is something we viewed as crucial to improve the world we live in,” said Mark Gettig, President of LifeMade. “We wanted to create an accessible solution that is more environmentally responsible and easy to dispose of, while delivering the same performance and quality expected from Lifoam. Our design considered the viewpoint of the end-user – if it’s not easy, oftentimes a sustainable solution is overlooked. With the EVG™ material version of EnviroCooler™, the pharmaceutical companies, doctors’ offices, and patients have options to dispose of the product in a way that is comfortable to them and offers a better end-of-life option when disposed.”

As an advanced bio-infused material, EnviroCooler™ EVG™ can be disposed of without adjusting routine and eliminates the need for sorting or separating, giving the end-user a more sustainable option without sacrificing convenience and performance. Please contact your local county or municipality to determine your local recycling options or contact Lifoam for additional information.

Each of LifeMade and Lifoam are subsidiaries of Jadex Inc., US-based manufacturing and material science company utilizing innovation and technology to develop sustainable products that serve the medical, industrialand consumer markets.