Kemp Proteins Selects Lifoam’s Envirocooler as Prime Packager

Change Nets Kemp Proteins a 83% Reduction in Packaging Landfill

Kemp Proteins, a leading provider of gene-to-protein and monoclonal antibody development services, today announced its decision to use environmentally friendly coolers when shipping protein products to our clients. Kemp Proteins will replace EPS containers with Lifoam’s Envirocooler-EVG insulation, a move that demonstrates the commitment of Kemp’s management team to implement environmentally friendly principles. Kemp’s culture of continuous improvement means we’re not only focused on providing clients with world-class protein development services, but also reducing our environmental impact.

Like most labs in the world, Kemp Proteins previously packaged temperature-controlled shipments in standard expanded polystyrene (EPS) coolers. EPS and Styrofoam can make up 30 percent of the space in some landfills and take over 500 years to break down – so eliminating this material from our supply chain has been one of Kemp’s top environmental goals.

In March 2020, Lifoam announced the launch of Lifoam’s Envirocooler-EVG technology, made in 6 locations across the US including Maryland, Kemp Proteins’ home state. The EnvirocoolerEVG is an EPS cooler infused with a bio-based additive, designed to allow it to break down in a bioreactive landfill in just 4 years, without leaving microplastics. Michael Keefe, CEO of Kemp Proteins stated “This simple change will result in immediate and significant reduction of our overall environmental footprint.”

Most importantly for our clients, the Envirocooler–EVG material has the equivalent thermal and structural properties as EPS, so our important biological materials arrive at our client’s facility at the proper temperature. “We’re proud to offer this sustainability upgrade option to environmentally-conscious companies like Kemp Proteins” from Scott Dyvig, Director of New Business Development at Lifoam.

Kemp Proteins worked with Avantor/VWR under the BIO program to include Envirocooler-EVG shipping containers in VWR’s catalog. We encourage all of our clients as well as BIO members to reach out to VWR to discuss switching your shipping containers to these new earth-friendly containers. Let’s go green together!

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Kemp Proteins is an ISO 9001:2015 Bioservices company, and a leading provider of gene-to-protein, hybridoma and cell line development services. For more than 20 years, Kemp’s team of protein problem-solvers has delivered best-in-class services that optimize productivity and mitigate risk. We support life sciences innovators developing protein-based products, including human and veterinary diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals, and vaccines. Kemp Proteins is a Six.02 Bioservices member company.

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